avec la participation de Gilles Clément, les voix de Philippe Fretun et d’Isabelle Stragliati, et les pièces :

Kritzkom – Northern Island 2015

Robin Meier et Andre Gwerder – Extrait de l’installation Synchronicity (ArtBasel 2015, Volkshaus Basel, Suisse)
Synchronicity is an installation exploring the emergence of natural cycles and synchrony inside an artificial biosphere. Live fireflies and crickets are made to flash and chirp in unison with two synchronising pendulums by manipulating the insect’s behaviour through lights and sounds. Inspired by this synchrony an array of electronic devices join the chorus and start to flicker, buzz or move in sync.

BaBenzele Pygmies – Women Gathering Mushrooms, enregistré par Louis Sarno et Bernie Krause (Terra Nova) 1997

Sonic Wild Code – To Be Without Being And Still Exist 2015
3min excerpt of a wilderness performance during the Hybrid Matters’ Field Notes camp in Kilpisjärvi, Samiland 2015 with the ‘Sonic Wild Code’ group [ltr: Anja Erdmann, Till Bovermann, Kristina Lindström, Erich Berger, Antye Greie-Ripatti, Caspar Ström, Vygandas Simbelis, Dinah Bird]
Location at the border between Norway and Finland near Kilpisjarvi, some off-road no-mans-land: playing the field, amplifying the landscape with musical intention. When we showed this film to a local Sami reindeer herder he was very fascinated and titled the piece by saying: Be without being but still exist.
The original performance is 20 min long.
more context: fieldnotes.hybridmatters.net/groups

Chris Watson – Strike! (silenceradio.org) 2006

Jim Fasset – Symphony of the Birds – Third Movement (Misterioso) (Flicker Records) 1960

Henri Morelle – Les loups (silenceradio.org)

Isabelle Stragliati – L’arbre à la bouche 2016

Emilie Mousset – Vert Western 2014

Auteur inconnu – Forest megaphone impulse

Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Zahab (Folkwayd Records) 1985

Hai Art project with: Andrew Jarvis, Anne Lepère, Antoni Michnik, Antye Greie Ripatti, Izabela Smelczynska, Kamila Stasko-Mazur, Kinga Kozlowska, Marine Drouan, Paweł Paide Dunajko – Field Techno 2015

Michel Barataud – Nyctalus Noctula, Ballades dans l’inaudible (Sittelle) 1996

Kritzkom – Bees Will Be Singing (7MNS) 2015

Francisco Lopez – La Selva (Excerpt) 1998
La Selva is an immersion into the sound environments of a tropical rain forest in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. An astonishing natural sonic web created by a multitude of sounds from rain, waterfalls, insects, frogs, birds, mammals and even plants, through a day cycle during the rainy season. A powerful acousmatic broad-band sound environment of thrilling complexity. And above all, a tour de force of profound listening”.

Much against a widespread current trend in sound art and the customary standard in nature recordings, I believe in the possibility of a profound, pure, ‘blind’ listening of sounds, freed (as much as possible) of procedural, contextual or intentional levels of reference. What is more important, I conceive this as an ideal form of transcendental listening that doesn’t denies all what is outside the sounds but explores and affirms all what is inside them. This purist, absolute conception is an attempt at fighting against the dissipation of this inner world.

David Lumsdaine – Dawn Solo from Pied Butcherbirds of Spirey Creek (Terra Nova) 1997

et des lectures extraites de

Pierre Cendors – L’invisible dehors (Isolato)
David Rothenberg et Marta Ulvaeus – The Book of Music and Nature (Interview de Pierre Schaeffer par Tim Hodgkinson) (Wesleyan University Press)
John Muir – Pensées sur la montagne (La Brèche)
Grey Owl – Tales of an Empty Cabin (Kessinger Publishing)
Henry David Thoreau – Journal (Le Mot et le Reste)
Rémi Caritey – Les vertiges de la forêt (Transboréal)
Fabienne Raphoz – Pendant, 1-62 (Héros-Limite)
Francisco Coloane – Cap Horn (Phébus)
Gilles Clément – Jardins, paysage et génie naturel (Collège de France / Fayard)

(photo © Gilles Clément)

Générique : Ensemble Economique – Interval Signals (Denovali Records)

Dream.Like.Sound, c’est une rêverie sonore – on pourrait donc dire une songerie… Une contemplation thématique du son… Entre le mix et la création radio… Un work in progress… Une dizaine d’épisodes pour désapprendre à faire de la radio. Emission diffusée sur les Radios Campus Grenoble, Paris, Tours, Orléans, Radio Grenouille, R2R, Campus FM, Radio ARA (Luxembourg)…

Dream.Like.Sound is an experimental radio show series dealing with sound and radiophonic creation. It’s a monthly sound reverie, a sound contemplation that goes with my research, on a chosen thematic… A work in progress, 10 episodes to un-learn doing radio shows.