… Les sons du silence …


John Cage – 4’33, interprété par William Marx – 1952 / 2010 (Extrait)

Hildegard Westerkamp – Whisper Study 1975-1979
“Whisper Study is based on the sentence “When there is no sound, hearing is most alert” (a quote from the Indian mystic Kirphal Singh in Naam or Word). Except for the distant horns, all sounds were derived from my own voice, whispering the above sentence and the word “silence”.
Whisper Study started out as an exercise in exploring basic tape techniques in the analog studio of the 70s and using the whispered voice as sound material. Eventually, it became a piece about silence, aural perception and acoustic imagination. Whisper Study explores the place or moment where sound ends and its image begins.
The poem “When There is No Sound” by Norbert Ruebsaat was written in direct response to the
original version of Whisper Study. The poem in this version is spoken by myself inside a soundscape of icicles and footsteps in snow, which originally was created for my radio series Soundwalking on Vancouver Co–operative Radio in 1978/79. Eventually this section was mixed with the last part of the original version of Whisper Study.” Hildegard Westerkamp

Jez Riley French – Audible Silence – 2012 (Extraits)

Stephane Marin – IPOS (Espaces Sonores) 2013

Hanna Hartman – Solo for abandoned house (Silenceradio.org) 2012

Radio Cousue Main – Le silence n’existe pas – 2013 (Extrait)

Ultra-Red – An Epidemic Of Silence (4’33) (Public Records) 2006 (Extraits)
Since 1994, Ultra-red has deployed recorded sound in the space of political reflection, analysis and action. What action is possible when no record exists? What politics arise from a record purloined, plagiarized or presented by proxy? Reflecting on their AIDS activism, Ultra-red present an archive of site recordings, bootleg remixes and silences.

Kristoff K.Roll – Trou De Programme (PPT Stembogen) 2007

Victor Aguado – -22° (Very Quiet Records) 2014 (Extrait)

Ryoji Ikeda – 5 Zones, Zone 4 (CCI Recordings) 1995 (Extrait)

Isabelle Stragliati – Quietly Sitting in a Room by Myself – 2015

Jliat – Hip-hop – 32768 (Edition…) 2000 (Extrait)

Amandine Casadamont et Angélique Tibau – Zone De Silence 16:40 – 2015
Ecouter la pièce long format primée aux Phonurgia Nova Awards

Pauline Oliveros – A Little Noise in the System (Moog System) (Sub-Rosa) 1966-2006 (Extrait)

et des lectures extraites de

« Haunted Weather: Music, Silence and Memory » – David Toop (Serpent’s Tail)
« L’Herne » – Henry D. Thoreau (Les cahiers de L’Herne)
« Listening to Noise and Silence: Toward a Philosophy of Sound Art » – Salome Voegelin (Continnuum)
« Dissolving Your Earplugs » – Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening Institute)
« Le son, traité d’acoulogie » – Michel Chion (Armand Colin)
« Conférence 1960 » – La Monte Young (Eolienne)
« Le Paysage Sonore » – Raymond Murray Schafer (Wildproject)
Aiku d’Hakuin Ekaku
« Aesthetics of Silence » – Susan Sontag

Générique : Ensemble Economique – Interval Signals (Denovali Records)


Dream.Like.Sound, c’est une rêverie sonore – on pourrait donc dire une songerie… Une contemplation thématique du son… Entre le mix et la création radio… Un work in progress… Une dizaine d’épisodes pour désapprendre à faire de la radio. Emission diffusée sur les Radios Campus Grenoble, Paris, Tours, Orléans, Radio Grenouille, R2R, Campus FM, Radio ARA (Luxembourg)…

Dream.Like.Sound is an experimental radio show series dealing with sound and radiophonic creation. It’s a monthly sound reverie, a sound contemplation that goes with my research, on a chosen thematic… A work in progress, 10 episodes to un-learn doing radio shows.